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What Landlords Should Know About Pets and Pet Owners

What Landlords Should Know About Pets and Pet Owners

As part of our full-service property solutions in Orange County, we help match pet owners with the right rental property for them and their furbabies.

Since May is National Pet Month, we’ve put together some insights that new Orange County landlords can use while creating a pet policy for their property:

Legal Considerations

  • As a landlord, you’re well within your rights to enforce a ‘No Pets’ policy or make your property a pet-friendly one.
  • Check with your insurance provider beforehand, and clarify if there are any exceptions to your coverage. Some insurance companies don’t cover specific dog breeds, deeming them too dangerous.
  • Whether or not you allow pets on your property, the lease agreement should include specific information pertaining to the same.
  • If you’re renting to pet owners, clearly specify their responsibilities and your expectations in the rental agreement. Ensure your tenants understand them before signing the agreement.

Even if you have a no pets policy in place, the Fair Housing Law prevents you from refusing to rent to a differently-abled pet owner if they require the pet for their safety and well-being.

The law includes service pets and emotional support animals in this category. Consider using professional property maintenance and compliance services to ensure you don’t violate any laws.

Advantages of Renting to Pet Owners

These are some benefits of making your property pet friendly:

1. Greater Exposure

Allowing pets significantly expands the range of potential tenants for your property.

The more people are drawn to your property, the more options you’ll have. It’ll also result in a quicker turnaround time, preventing your unit from staying on the market for too long.

2. Satisfied Tenants

People develop strong emotional bonds with their pets, which helps in reducing stress. When you let your tenants bring their pets with them, you’re essentially contributing to their happiness.

3. Responsible People

By necessity, pet owners have to be responsible since they’re taking care of another living being. Having a responsible and mature tenant means your property is much more likely to stay in good condition.

Disadvantages of Renting to Pet Owners

Some potential disadvantages of renting to pet owners include:

1. Increased Noise Levels

Most pets tend to create a lot of noise, which will be a hassle for the pet owner’s neighbors and your other tenants.

2. Liability and Risk

Even well-trained pets can have a violent episode in which they bite people. If you rent to families with small children, keep their safety in mind.

If you have other tenants who are severely allergic to cats or dogs, a pet in or around the property can be troublesome for them.

3. Unpleasant Odors

Pets can have accidents whether they’re unwell or healthy. If an accident happens inside the unit or in the common areas of the property, foul odors may linger even after cleanup.

As a property owner, you should work with a good property management company in Orange County while devising your pet policy. We make it easy to find a professional property manager to handle your responsibilities.

Discover our full-service property management solutions by getting in touch with us today.

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